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ASTRA Pro The Ultimate Bridge & Structural Design Software
HEADS Pro The Versatile Road/Highway Engineering Design Software
HEADS Site For Site Levelling, Grading, Earthwork, Roads, Drainage Water Supply
HEADS Rail For Surface Railways, Metro Rail Tunnels, Mono Rails
DisNet The appropriate solution for Water Supply Pipe Distribution Network
SICap For Planning & Operational Analysis of Signalized Intersection Traffic Capacity

Services associated with Sales
For engineering softwares the most important is the availability of technical services to the industry for which the softwares are produced.

Some examples,

In designing the widening of Highway, there is requirements to Change the Road section many time along the alignment, provisions for Grade separators, Service Roads, Bus Bays, Truck lay Byes, Underpasses, Rail Over Bridges. The project may require surface strengthening by Profile Correction and Overlay on existing road and full construction on the new wide side having frequent changes of side of new construction from Left side to Right Side to Concentric widening to suit the existing site situation.

OR, In case of Designing a Hill Road having close Hairpin Turns and Bends may need provisions for Extra widening based on the radius of the curve, Retaining wall on Valley side, Gabion Wall on the Hill Cut Side, effective drainage, also, at cut side the slope of cut is to vary with the depth of cutting etc.

OR, In designing for low cost Rural Roads the road where the design has to maintain the cost within the limit then the optimization of road alignment is the best technical tool, and a couple of trials may enable the engineer to keep the cost within the budget.

OR, In Tunnel Section the Tunnel Boring is deviated from the design alignment at various locations and it is intended to estimate the overcut & undercut to decide the adjustment of design alignment to best suit the Bored alignment. In case of Metro Rail Tunnel the Cant at curve locations may reduce the lateral clearance because of the inward tilt of the Coach and needs adjusting of the alignment by studying the Coach Profiles.

OR, if an Intake Pump House has a sub-surface part of depth 26 metres and for its construction Sheet Pile wall or Diaphragm wall are to be constructed supported by an effective Deep well dewatering system then the same must be designed properly based on the Local Soil Condition to ensure a safe construction of the Structure.

OR, In case the user wants to develop a Hydrological Model for discharge at Bridge location at High Flood by downloading Terrain Data from Internet (SRTM) and by creating Contours for the Topography along the River course, followed by Synthetic Unit Hydrograph all the facility must be handled as one stop solution.

Such complexity is very difficult to handle by new users. If the user is unable to do the same with the software then the software producer should be capable to provide such additional engineering services to enable the customer to learn the procedure and get their job successfully done.

Services offered by Techsoft

TechSOFT in Engineering Consultancy Services

TechSOFT has a team of highly qualified professionals and technical staff that combine to form dedicated project teams drawn from relevant disciplines to service the requirement of each project. This multi-disciplinary teams enable the farm to provide services to different agencies to meet the requirements of emerging projects in the Transportation Infrastructure for Highways & Airports, Town Planning, Industrial Structures and Information System as a result of opening up of the economy in the country.

TechSOFT focuses on providing economic and Time bound consultancy Services with the objective to blend modern technology with local skills and materials to satisfy the client's needs. The consultancy services offered range from Pre investment, Techno economic feasibility studies to construction supervision, project monitoring and management as well as continuing advice on special maintenance problems.

TechSOFT provides technical services in all the sectors of projects, Cost Estimation, Planning, Scheduling, Bid Preparation, Specifications etc. TechSOFT also collaborates with associates specialized in relevant jobs and strives to adopt a multi faceted approach to problems so that our studies lead to effective solutions and ensure the highest standard of management of even the most complex projects. To be able to provide such a wide range of services, TechSOFT relies on its team of multi disciplinary engineers as well as on a network of expert associates in setting up highly effective teams.

TechSOFT's role is to be involved at every stage of project development, from the identification and economic analysis stages to detail technical design, through work supervision and operational and financial audits to implementation of the most suitable means and system of management. Quality and Client’s satisfaction are permanent aims for TechSOFT and to guarantee sound professional engineering.

High standard engineering services are rendered by qualified senior level professionals are available for various facets of engineering audit, design and construction supervision work required for various infrastructure and Industrial projects.

1. Design Consultancy Services for Roads/Highways/Railways/Bridges/Structures/Tunnels

1.1 Field Works
1.1.1 Site Survey
1.1.2 Geotechnical investigation
1.1.3 Traffic Survey
1.1.4 Axle Load, Roughness, Benkelman Beam Survey
1.1.5 Materials Investigation, NDT
1.1.6 Sub soil Boring at Bridge Locations

1.2 Design Low cost Roads / Tunnels / Highways
1.2.1 Road /Rail / Tunnel Design Work for producing PLAN, PROFILE, CROSS SECTION Drawings, BoQ, Technical Specifications, Contract Agreement
1.2.2 Design of Culverts, Retaining Walls and other Structures
1.2.3 Estimation of Quantities and Cost
1.2.4 Preparation of Reports

1.3 Design of Bridges and Structures
1.3.1 Design of RCC Bridges
1.3.2 Composite Bridges,
1.3.3 Pre Stressed Concrete Girder & Box Girder Bridges
1.3.4 Steel Warren Truss Road & Rail Bridges
1.3.5 Steel Plate Girder Rail Bridges
1.3.6 RCC Box Slab & Pipe Culverts
1.3.7 ROB, Vehicular & Pedestrian Underpasses
1.3.8 Car Parking with Ramps

1.4 Design Building & Industrial Structures
1.4.1 General Arrangement and Detail Design with Drawings, BoQ, Technical Supervision, Proof Checking

2. Industrial Plant Structures / HVAC / Township/City Planning / Architecture
2.1 General Arrangement, Layout Plan, Survey, Reference Point, Detail Design, Drawings for Structures, Pipe Lines, Water Distribution etc.

3. Studies, Audit and Report Submissions
3.1 Safety Studies
3.1.1 Existing condition Survey
3.1.2 Collection of Traffic and Accident data
3.1.3 Consideration of various safety measures
3.1.4 Merits and Demerits of of safety Measures
3.1.5 Preparation of Safety Reports

3.2 Audit and Reporting
3.2.1 Audit and Reporting on DPRs
3.2.2 Audit and Reporting on Safety
3.2.3 Audit on Economic and Financial Analysis
3.2.4 Audit on Cost Estimation
3.2.5 Preparation and Submission of Audit Reports

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