Introduced by: TechSOFT Engineering Services
ASTRA Pro The Ultimate Bridge & Structural Design Software
HEADS Pro The Versatile Road/Highway Engineering Design Software
HEADS Site For Site Levelling, Grading, Earthwork, Roads, Drainage Water Supply
HEADS Rail For Surface Railways, Metro Rail Tunnels, Mono Rails
DisNet The appropriate solution for Water Supply Pipe Distribution Network
SICap For Planning & Operational Analysis of Signalized Intersection Traffic Capacity

Products and their Applications
ASTRA Pro is for the Design of Bridges, Underpasses, Culverts, ROBs and other Structures

HEADS Pro is for the Design of Low cost Roads, Hill Roads, Highways, Expressways, Tunnels etc.

HEADS Site is for the Design of Site Leveling/Grading, Earthwork, Various Survey data processing, Data conversion, Site referencing, Downloading Ground elevation from SRTM without carrying out Field Topo Survey, Planning for Construction Platforms for Housing, Market, Hospital, School, Commercial, Roads, Parks, CBD etc for any new Township etc.

HEADS Rail for the design of Railways, Underground metros, LRTs, MRTs, Mono Rails etc.

DisNet is for the Design of Water Distribution Pipe Network using ground Elevation data and computing Discharge, Pressure Heads at various Nodes.

We understand that an expert engineer may have enough knowledge about his work, but at the same time it is always difficult to begin with a new software product, so we tried to maintain the natural flow for the work and most commonly used procedures in our products to minimize the learning process. We believe more in technical support service, in doing so our engineers process data sent by the user, develop model for the user and finally send them the step by step guidance to operate, internet based training and Process movies. We always want to see our users successful and produce the best in their work.

The above softwares are in use by the industry for about last 15 years and are matured by continuously up grading to suit the various requirements. All the Products are CAD Based, they take Interactive Input from the user and produces Step wise design calculations detail in Report forms and a Set of sophisticated CAD Drawings ready to Edit/Print for the project. We hope the above softwares will be highly useful for the users.

Distributed by: TechSOFT Engineering Services