Introduced by: TechSOFT Engineering Services
ASTRA Pro The Ultimate Bridge & Structural Design Software
HEADS Pro The Versatile Road/Highway Engineering Design Software
HEADS Site For Site Levelling, Grading, Earthwork, Roads, Drainage Water Supply
HEADS Rail For Surface Railways, Metro Rail Tunnels, Mono Rails
DisNet The appropriate solution for Water Supply Pipe Distribution Network
SICap For Planning & Operational Analysis of Signalized Intersection Traffic Capacity

  1. PDF version of Training modules are supplied with HEADS
  2. E-learing movies are supplied with HEADS
  3. Data and processing instructions on more than 60 live projects are supplied with HEADS
  4. Special On site Training may also be arranged if required
  5. Training may be organised either by us or by external Training agencies
  6. Training may be organised for personal as well as Corporate levels
  7. Training at Engineering Institutes may be organised as a continuous process
  8. Training is also organised for preparing of other aspects of the Detail Engineering Projects
Distributed by: TechSOFT Engineering Services